Eleanor, 19

journalism, media and cultural studies student at Cardiff University

art inspiration and personal project portfolio

currently developing a bunch of concepts

I like to draw dumb pixel art from time to time

I also pursue photography

and sometimes I write songs.


have a lovely day


Misc Bristol phone snaps pt.2
(Official photos I took on DSLR and SLR maybe soon)
1. Delicious chicken teriyaki don at Obento
2, 3, and 4. Okay so I feel like I discovered a new art form this evening - the place I went, Obento, was a japanese resturant with private karaoke rooms. It was amazing, but most amazing were half of the karaoke videos having the actual music videos replaced with what can only be described as like the Getty Images of film - weird stock films of women lounging on armchairs ‘sensually’ or literally skipping and hopping around fields… it was glorious. (Although 4 is the actual video for Dare by Gorillaz… ahem)
5, 6 and 7. after the incredible karaoke experience my friends walked to the train station and a couple stayed with me for the hour in which I had to wait for my bus to arrive. We went to a Carribbean bar called Turtle Bay - I wish I could have stayed longer because it was incredible 
I tried the greatest drink in the universe there - Guinness Punch. I kid you not. This was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

oh those stock films
best ever


Misc snaps of Bristol so far
1. Art journal about London I found in the Arnolfini bookshop and desperately need
2. Just the latte I got whilst it decided to rain after getting off the bus (they wrote my name as Ella, every damn time)
3. Chilling outside the hippodrome waiting for friends

This was the day that the current photos I’m uploading on were taken
Was a really good trip to Bristol